Two best ways to teach kids

The world has been travelling on the path of change for years. That’s why it had faced the days of stone age and it is facing the days of digitization. And as the stepping is taken forward, the residents has changed. As the requirement changes, the need of learning new skills arises. The teaching of these skills is called education. Education is provided by schools. Schools were based on small rooms but now they are completely built in the form of buildings and departments. However, there is one things which is still same. And that thing is methods. 

Children of every generation are taught such skills which are necessary to learn. These children of every generation are different, because their parents are equipped with different skills and talents. Therefore, each generation’s upcoming leaders understand the skills and absorb the material in different way. This they all need different kind of teaching. And if that difference is not produced, their real talent would not be yielded. 

To groom the children of this, 21st century, there is need to introduce different teaching methods. Some of such teaching methods are:

  1. Visualization: Today’s world is based more on basics. And the basic is that children learn more by observation than by listening. Teachers can use this basic nature if students to teach them from basic to complicated concepts. He or she can show them videos of numbering or numeration to teach them counting. On the other hand, students of five grade can be shown videos of photosynthesis and circulatory system to clear the concepts about how heart works. Videos, pictures and paintings paints the real concept if everything in the minds of the viewer. It helps them to understand the true base of that process. Introducing visualization will not only clear their concepts, but it will help them to build their interest in that topic because complete understanding result in development of interest. But most importantly, it will make them rational. And rational minds in the root of eradication of extremism that can lead to war. 
  2. Practical Applications: Practical work clear the understanding the most. Because, practical work help them to understand the very true logic behind a particular process on system. For example,  a child can understand better that why there are four wheels in car with the help of virtual reality than any lecture. Because VR gives him a chance to design the car virtually by himself or herself. In the same way, teachers can teach different operations of mathematics and Newton’s laws of physics by playing cricket with them to teach them how to counts in the form of runs and the concept of inertia. Teaching students by involving them in practical work will also develop their interest in the topic. Because children are eager to do everything which adults do. And if they are so wagered, so why it won’t be used in constructive way?

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