Things to know about virus scanners

There is no doubt on the fact that antivirus programs offer a lot of benefits. These protect your computer from different viruses like malware, spyware, Trojans, rootkits, phising, and spam attacks. But here are also lots of disadvantages of using the antivirus. These virus programs are so much critical to keep the computer safe from the cyber attacks. This virus can attack your computer and can lose your data. You can download this antivirus from internet on free of cost.

But the problem is that after the trial period you have to pay for these anti viruses.  And after finishing the trial antivirus doesn’t work properly and you have to face the attacks of viruses. Your computer is actually important part of your life. You have saved your all data in the computer. Moreover, you need it to work all the time. You need to give your computer the best virus protection and you can buy the virus cleaner. But antivirus has many disadvantages to have for your computer that you should know before installing the antivirus.

Lacking in Comprehensive Protection

When you download the antivirus from the internet they just give the  months trial or three months trial for your computer but when the period of these trial ended you computer gets insecure and anytime any spam or virus can attack on your computer and it will directly attack on your data and its really hurting when data loss. These free antivirus provide you a limited type of protection and they neglect sometime detect to some virus. And it will slow down your system and will interrupt you while working. 

Frequently Upgraded Prompts

The companies which offer you these free antivirus programs have almost always paid programs which are needed to upgrade mostly and when you use these antivirus for your computers these paid software will continue to ask you for up gradation and your work will disturb and computer will slow down. Which will make you annoyed? It could be seems like a minor issue but you have to face irritation.

Lacking of Customer Support

If you are using the free antivirus there would be not customer support for you. The amount of support will be available for use when you will depend on the manufacturer but most of the cases your support only from the online forums.

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