Focus on the needs of customers

A company that deals in Teka washing machine repair should know the art of catering to the needs of customers otherwise be prepared to lose customers instantly. Similarly a Bosh service centre need to realize the importance of being “customer obsessed”.

Retain and attract customers: Whether the repairing company is of Teka or Bosch, either needs to understand the value of home appliances for loyal customers who have greatly contributed to growth of both firms respectively. Home appliances holds a great place in a customer’s heard as they have personal and emotional attachments to home appliances. This could come down to home appliances being passed down through generations. The moment a washing machine starts malfunctioning, a loyal customer gets upset keeping in mind this particular machine has been functional for years. Similarly a loyal customer who has been using appliances of Bosch would be stressed out as he or she would not have any other choice.

Importance of a trained staff: Keeping in mind the amount of value appliances hold for customers, it is imperative that the likes of Teka and Bosch focus on hiring a trained staff ready when needed. The staff responsible for repairing a customer’s appliance should know the appliance in details. Then there is the question of using correct techniques while repairing the appliance. A good staff is one who knows whether the concerned appliance can be fixed at the customer’s house, otherwise if it’s a major problem then the appliance has to be taken to the service centre to undergo major repairs and then be sent back in a matter of days.

Consequences to follow: Should the repairing staff end up dropping the appliance on the floor it could lead to the company being sued. It is imperative the staff knows the parts of the appliance without causing further damage on the appliance. In case the appliance is big in size then it needs to be carefully taken out of the house and placed in a long vehicle in a precise manner. It is important to mention that there is always a chance of a third party charging exorbitant fees that too in advance. Such individuals pretending to represent service companies would face follow dire consequences.

Conclusion: A legitimate company known as “Arabian oryx Technical Services L.L.C” can be relied upon when it comes to repairing appliances.