How to get office fit-out approval

Offices are the second home to the employees, workers, and the authorities that are working under a building and are trying to accomplish the tasks that their CEOs, their boss, and the other companies give them. However, if you are trying to build an office then you must get an office fit-out approval before opting towards constructing an office or trying to build one while living under the jurisdiction of the government for which you provide taxes and do many other things.

Why is it important to get an office fit-out approval from concerning authorities, it is because after getting approval. You may not have to worry about the other legislative terms that can only hesitate you with many possibilities of dropping the project and the work you are opting towards to do so. However, many people try to confiscate their lives by not applying and, therefore, get themselves in such troubles that only has one end and that is to give up.

If you are opting towards starting an office fit out companies because you feel that it would suffice for not only the likes of you but will also provide a working environment for the employees that work under you then you must get an office fit-out approval. Therefore, being unfamiliar with the process, I am going to provide you with sets of steps that will get you towards a point where you will get an office fit-out approval successfully.

These sets of steps are:

  1. Before starting a fit out approval for yourself and your employees, you must provide the legal authorities with documents like fit-out permit request, contractor appointment letter, a copy of EJARI, NOC from the building owner, and NOC from the relevant authority, and the proposed drawings.
  2. After providing all of these legal documents, you have to make sure that you are doing it under the legality of your name because if you are not a legal person with authorization of your name and alias, you will not only get blocked from obtaining an office space but will also become an illegal person to live under the jurisdiction of the government.
  3. However, you may also have to provide the fees as if you are going to become legal with your office, you must provide a minimum of 200 AED and a maximum of 10,000 AED for the process to complete.
  4. You will have to wait for 2 days to get the office fit-out approval.